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Group Therapy Outdoors



Group Therapy Outdoors

Heading Out


Let’s “head out” into a hallowed realm, right here—on our own rocky planet, going forward into a next life phase of earthly adventures—especially outdoors. This type of healing and happiness works in miraculous ways. Since I was fifty and started hiking and backpacking I found much nurture in nature. We all need that nurture now. Let’s re-experience that significant something that our bones tell us is going on, renew our connection to all that exists, listen and look inside and outside for continuing updates on the question, “Who am I.?”

However, as part of the multi-tasking multitude, we attend to many things with little time left over to plan rather than daydream about outings. It’s time to focus on making the dream come true.

John Muir said about the wild that he saw it as being like a good mother, “Going out is like coming in.” Oftentimes, ill-parented, untouched children find solace outdoors--reading under a favorite hedge, sitting in the embrace of a tree, or running barefoot through the weeds of an urban vacant lot. Whether child or adult, ill-parented or not, we need at the least that vacant lot experience—an intelligent caress of our wild world by toughened soles—taming this gravity–ruled place only by the bottoms of our feet. New studies are showing that we feel more alive, even after walking in nature for only 15 minutes.

We evolved with that lot’s weeds, as well as with the rest of the world’s plants. The soil we share demands more of our balancing foot muscles than does concrete. Child and adult skin notes the changing weather. The breeze against our faces signal our primitive brains that we are on the move, fit to run and hunt, as did our primate ancestors. Our tensions dissolve.

The very new environmental neuroscience explains that our environment can help our brains. We really can change ourselves. Let’s become worthy initiates for a physically meditative new phase. It must include our biophillia—our deep appreciation of nature that feels rooted in our biology. Let’s heed the call of wildness to confirm a hunch about that question, “Who am I.”

We can hike, meditate, write, converse on chosen themes, discuss our dreams and snack in our lovely Santa Monica Mountains. Taking easy local trails, together, will provide health, serenity, companionship, and marvelous views of the ocean, Catalina Island, and sometimes snow on Mt. Baldy— all at the same time.

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